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Fashion from Spain, a value on your clothes

12 May

¿What do you think about fashion? I think you will say “It’s my persanlity” or “It’s the thing that make me different”. Yes, of course, but… it also makes you valuable.

The fashion from spain, or spanish fashion, is sunny, happy and original.

You have a lot of creators and manufacturers from Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and a lot of cities making clothing for every ages. From kids to women.

You have brands like Pepa Loves, Rosalita McGee, Compañía Fantástica and one of the best known over the world, Mamatayoe, from Asturias. And all of them are fresh and carefree.

All of them also have a high quality in their creations and will be a clear reflection of your personality if you are a fresh woman.

In this blog we will write about spanish brands and creators from spain who are creating dresses and clothes and selling to over the world, mainly from internet.

When you will think about spanish fashion have to think about this blog. Why? Becouse we have all you need to be an elegant woman.

Image¿Do you like it? Yes, of course. Then you should know that this elegant dress belongs to the new summer collection of Pepa Loves, the brand created by Pepa Karnero. This brand was born in Torremolinos, near Malaga (Yes, you should know it becouse Antonio Banderas was born in Malaga too) and is one of the brands that presents a higher number of creations each season.

Mamatayoe is another of the major brands and is present in many countries. Do you know it? Look at this…


From the “Dolce Farniente” Collection, that’s one of the dresses that has been presented.

It’s only a bit, but you will find a lot of information about the fashion from spain in our blog “Best Spanish Fashion”. See you and keep in contact!!!!!