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“Compañía Fantástica”: Spanish fashion manufacturer growing and growing

18 May

Spanish Fashion by Compañía Fantástica

Hi everybody! I’m here again to introduce you a spanish fashion manufacturer named “Compañía Fantástica”. It’s the name of some stores that were created in Madrid in 2003, with a clear objective: to offer quality fashion, original and innovative, and the latest trends at affordable prices. The brand’s philosophy is simple; bet clearly an exclusive design “Made in Spain” to give a different touch to your dress. So his motto is “Chic and Cheap”.

A lot of people in the spanish television is wearing clothes of Compañía Fantástica. We can talk about Paula Prendes, Pilar Rubio y Patricia Conde, the people of “Sé lo que hicisteis”, Romina Belluscio, of “Tonterías Las Justas” and the girls that appear in the  Física o Química chapters.

Growing and growing every day, the Compañía Fantástica creations are fresh and clear. As Mini and Jaime (brother and sister), company founders, says “fashion is not a luxury”.

Nowadays, the collections are being sold in more than 20 countries from Japan to USA, Holland, Germany, Portugal, Italy , France, and others.
The first time i saw the Companía Fantástica clothes, i thought “What simply! But, what stylish!” and then i look for the price… it was once of the lowest in the store. Becouse another time…”fashion is not a luxury”.
As people say “An image is better than a thousand words” i will give you some pictures of Compañía Fantástica creations (Summer 2013 Collection).
Enjoy it!!!
P.D. There is a shop, with online shop, placed in Vigo, Galicia, named MarengoStyle.com where you can buy online a lot of clothes by Compañía Fantástica. And, Marta, it’s owner, is an awesome person with the customers!!
Summer 2013 Compañía Fantástica Dress 1Summer 2013 Compañía Fantástica Dress 2Summer 2013 Compañía Fantástica Dress 3Summer 2013 Compañía Fantástica Dress 4