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Men underwear in Pontevedra

4 Dec

Hi, everybody!

Last summer i was in Galicia (Spain) on holidays making an historic trip, the walking trip from the Pirenees to Santiago de Compostela (Well, better to Fisterra, the end of the land…).

I was discovering several galician cities as Vigo, Coruña and, of course, the city of Pontevedra, a little town arround 80.000 citizens with a historical center preserved since the middle age.

Passed through its streets I discovered many small shops with charm: fashion shops, little toy shops and a lot of coffe shops and restaurants.

But today i want to show you a shop that is a store that is hidden in a commercial gallery. The comercial galleries are little covered streets where you can find shops, stores and restaurants when it’s raining outside.

In the Peregrina’s commercial gallery, near the Peregrina’s Church you will find a little shop specialized in male underwear. It’s named “Interius” and you can check it’s website and online store on the following link: Men’s underwear shop.


You can find underpants, boxers, socks, swimwear and other men underwear in the store and online. Buy now and discover the best products of Impetus Underwear and other brands and manufacturers. Enjoy!


The new Tiralahilacha collection from Barcelona

13 Jul

This summer, the Barcelona fashion brand Tiralahilacha presents new dresses. The new creations are fresh and soft as you can see in the pictures above.

The clothes are created by Tiralahilacha, a young fashion designer from Barcelona, and she explains the brand details:

“At first we were doing all frayed, cut and unfinished. Out came our brand Tiralahilacha, which means pulling the frayed thread of a garment. We opted for lace and bright colors.”

“We let ourselves be influenced by our friends and people on the street. Hence, whenever we get new ideas and mix them with the trends of the moment.”

This catalonian company cretaes a clothing brand super feminine collection presented once a year, just to show off their dresses spring-summer season.
They are characterized by the fusion of the romanticism of the gauze and cotton fabrics prints and retro-vintage style, for actual women that likes the exclusivity with the difference of  a touch of naivety …

Family Dress by Tiralahilacha

Family Dress by Tiralahilacha

Of course, you can find the complete collection by Tiralahilacha in a lot of spanish clothes shops and on the best shows and catwalks around the world.