Men underwear in Pontevedra

4 Dec

Hi, everybody!

Last summer i was in Galicia (Spain) on holidays making an historic trip, the walking trip from the Pirenees to Santiago de Compostela (Well, better to Fisterra, the end of the land…).

I was discovering several galician cities as Vigo, Coruña and, of course, the city of Pontevedra, a little town arround 80.000 citizens with a historical center preserved since the middle age.

Passed through its streets I discovered many small shops with charm: fashion shops, little toy shops and a lot of coffe shops and restaurants.

But today i want to show you a shop that is a store that is hidden in a commercial gallery. The comercial galleries are little covered streets where you can find shops, stores and restaurants when it’s raining outside.

In the Peregrina’s commercial gallery, near the Peregrina’s Church you will find a little shop specialized in male underwear. It’s named “Interius” and you can check it’s website and online store on the following link: Men’s underwear shop.


You can find underpants, boxers, socks, swimwear and other men underwear in the store and online. Buy now and discover the best products of Impetus Underwear and other brands and manufacturers. Enjoy!


Winter 2013-2014 trends. All about the fashion that comes.

8 Dec

The mode’s world is in constant evolution, looking for new trends to support the attention and the freshness in the creations. Almost a contradiction to look for the freshness for this one Season autumn – winter 2013-2014, But we are going to revise, basing on the trends showed in the different international gangplanks, which are going to be a Must this season.

– The reissue of them 50s

The decade of the 50s (1950-1960) pipe a protagonist who transformed the feminine style:Christian Dior. He elevated the skirts fitted about the waist providing them with an interminable flight that was returning to heighten the feminine figure.

And from equal way it comes Season autumn – winter 2013, Elevating the curves of the woman to the purest Dior style. Following this Dios style – besides the creations of Raf Simons – brands like Rochas, Prada or Ninna Ricci, with the same nature and essence that the original one but adapting it to the new times and with renewed modernity.

Graham dress by Superstition

Graham dress by Superstition

– Clothes with touches of linen

Other one of the trends for the cold winter, though it could look like a contradiction, is going to incorporate some piece with a certain look to Linen. Laces, mischievousness at sight. Or even clothes that are alike one Pajamas. They are going to mark also trend in the next months.

– Go back to the Grunge and Punk looks 

The look Courtney Love returns to be fashionable, and like that last February remained demonstrated in Saint Laurent’s parade, where accompanied by Heidi Slimane, they returned looks of the loaded nineties of cardigans, broken stockings, boots to the purest military style and other delights of the Seattle culture that groups like Nirvana or Pearl Jam put in vogue a couple of decades ago.

It is a fact that everything turns, and seems that this winter Grunge iconography, together with one trend towards Punk is going to be the whole need in any styling that wants to be to the last one. This latter trend have been added by brands as Versace or Gicenchy.

– The red color

It seems that in a social and economic context like that we are living through the most guessed right thing is to appeal to the passion. And no color personalizes the passion as well as Red. In the next months we will leave behind the tonalities cake that have accompanied us to give step to the rouge. Especially in the creations thought for the night. Brands like Nina Ricci or Dolce and Gabbana have come loaded in its presentations of intenses and feminine colors cochineal powder. That, since it could not be otherwise, have raised passions among the public.

Suncity dress by Rosalita McGee

Suncity dress by Rosalita McGee

– Infinite boots

It seems to be clear that in this season we will make the booties a bit parked to give step to boots without end. Every time we see more Boots of the high or highest cane, almost up to the groin, That in addition will help us to overcome the cold of these months of annual transition. It is not much to add, longer your boots are, more to the mode and aligned with the trend you are going to be.

– Masculine Look

During the 80s and part of the 90s we get tired of seeing precious actresses getting up of the bed with nothing more than a masculine shirt, “stolen” of the cupboard of her boyfriend and it turned in an icon of the most sexy thing. And this trend returns this winter. One of the big defenders of this one Turned to the masculinity has been the designer Stella McCartney showing coats, trousers and blazers that more than new creations seem gone out directly from fashionable masculine collections.

– Squares “Plaid”

Actually, though the plaid triumphs in these last months, the trend are going to be squares, already vichy, Scots, houndstooth check or prince of Wales. The prints of squares are going to be a must this season autumn – winter 2013 like good have turned it to demonstrating Dolce and Gabbana or Stella McCartney, besides Céline or Lanvin. In addition, if you give yourselves a look for some of the most influential trendy and fashionable blogs you will be able to realize of that, really, the squares have returned to remain during a good season.

Mersey dress by Missing Johnny

Mersey dress by Missing Johnny

The new Tiralahilacha collection from Barcelona

13 Jul

This summer, the Barcelona fashion brand Tiralahilacha presents new dresses. The new creations are fresh and soft as you can see in the pictures above.

The clothes are created by Tiralahilacha, a young fashion designer from Barcelona, and she explains the brand details:

“At first we were doing all frayed, cut and unfinished. Out came our brand Tiralahilacha, which means pulling the frayed thread of a garment. We opted for lace and bright colors.”

“We let ourselves be influenced by our friends and people on the street. Hence, whenever we get new ideas and mix them with the trends of the moment.”

This catalonian company cretaes a clothing brand super feminine collection presented once a year, just to show off their dresses spring-summer season.
They are characterized by the fusion of the romanticism of the gauze and cotton fabrics prints and retro-vintage style, for actual women that likes the exclusivity with the difference of  a touch of naivety …

Family Dress by Tiralahilacha

Family Dress by Tiralahilacha

Of course, you can find the complete collection by Tiralahilacha in a lot of spanish clothes shops and on the best shows and catwalks around the world.

We introduce you the spanish bloggers…JewelStyle

30 May

Hi! Today we want to introduce you one of the most important fashion bloggers in spain: Jewel Style.

From her blog, Maria Pallicer shows clothes by spanish brands as Missing Johnny and others. Of course she dress Zara (inditex) clothes too but she likes to combine these items with other more original by spanish creators.

Today, for example, wears a Missing Johnny dress, one of the most famous Spanish brands among girls who want to date than usual.

Look, she looks wonderful!


And she always take her photographs in beatiful places in Menorca (Balearic Islands) where she lives.

As she explains ” While not lacking in my closet Inditex clothing and accessories, one of my mottos is mixed with independent firms. Zara, Stradivarius, Pull & Bear and Co. my bets are basic and trends to give a touch of originality to my looks turn to Pepa Loves, Kling, Rosalita McGee or Compañía Fantástica.

Want to know more things about Jewel Style? Then visit her blog and find creations of Spanish brands combined the most original.
Also, never leave anyone indifferent with supplements that uses both bags as necklaces or earrings.

“Compañía Fantástica”: Spanish fashion manufacturer growing and growing

18 May

Spanish Fashion by Compañía Fantástica

Hi everybody! I’m here again to introduce you a spanish fashion manufacturer named “Compañía Fantástica”. It’s the name of some stores that were created in Madrid in 2003, with a clear objective: to offer quality fashion, original and innovative, and the latest trends at affordable prices. The brand’s philosophy is simple; bet clearly an exclusive design “Made in Spain” to give a different touch to your dress. So his motto is “Chic and Cheap”.

A lot of people in the spanish television is wearing clothes of Compañía Fantástica. We can talk about Paula Prendes, Pilar Rubio y Patricia Conde, the people of “Sé lo que hicisteis”, Romina Belluscio, of “Tonterías Las Justas” and the girls that appear in the  Física o Química chapters.

Growing and growing every day, the Compañía Fantástica creations are fresh and clear. As Mini and Jaime (brother and sister), company founders, says “fashion is not a luxury”.

Nowadays, the collections are being sold in more than 20 countries from Japan to USA, Holland, Germany, Portugal, Italy , France, and others.
The first time i saw the Companía Fantástica clothes, i thought “What simply! But, what stylish!” and then i look for the price… it was once of the lowest in the store. Becouse another time…”fashion is not a luxury”.
As people say “An image is better than a thousand words” i will give you some pictures of Compañía Fantástica creations (Summer 2013 Collection).
Enjoy it!!!
P.D. There is a shop, with online shop, placed in Vigo, Galicia, named where you can buy online a lot of clothes by Compañía Fantástica. And, Marta, it’s owner, is an awesome person with the customers!!
Summer 2013 Compañía Fantástica Dress 1Summer 2013 Compañía Fantástica Dress 2Summer 2013 Compañía Fantástica Dress 3Summer 2013 Compañía Fantástica Dress 4

Fashion from Spain, a value on your clothes

12 May

¿What do you think about fashion? I think you will say “It’s my persanlity” or “It’s the thing that make me different”. Yes, of course, but… it also makes you valuable.

The fashion from spain, or spanish fashion, is sunny, happy and original.

You have a lot of creators and manufacturers from Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and a lot of cities making clothing for every ages. From kids to women.

You have brands like Pepa Loves, Rosalita McGee, Compañía Fantástica and one of the best known over the world, Mamatayoe, from Asturias. And all of them are fresh and carefree.

All of them also have a high quality in their creations and will be a clear reflection of your personality if you are a fresh woman.

In this blog we will write about spanish brands and creators from spain who are creating dresses and clothes and selling to over the world, mainly from internet.

When you will think about spanish fashion have to think about this blog. Why? Becouse we have all you need to be an elegant woman.

Image¿Do you like it? Yes, of course. Then you should know that this elegant dress belongs to the new summer collection of Pepa Loves, the brand created by Pepa Karnero. This brand was born in Torremolinos, near Malaga (Yes, you should know it becouse Antonio Banderas was born in Malaga too) and is one of the brands that presents a higher number of creations each season.

Mamatayoe is another of the major brands and is present in many countries. Do you know it? Look at this…


From the “Dolce Farniente” Collection, that’s one of the dresses that has been presented.

It’s only a bit, but you will find a lot of information about the fashion from spain in our blog “Best Spanish Fashion”. See you and keep in contact!!!!!